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Pearl Quantz 525E Flute


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It has often been said, to judge the worth of an idea or product, you must look at its simplest component. As such, Pearl’s most economical flute is surely one of the company’s most significant innovations.

The Quantz 505 flute heads the now-famous Pearl Quantz series, with this completely new silver plated instrument. Like the priceless hand-made masterpieces at the top of Pearl’s range, now every Pearl flute through the whole range features French pointed cup-arms – an industry first. Along with this innovation, all models feature the one-piece core-bar and patented pinless construction. These features eliminate many of the wear and tear problems associated with traditionally constructed flutes, specifically in the areas of the high C key and the king post next to the F# key. Pearl has designed one rod that extends from high C through the king post resulting in an extremely reliable mechanism which plays more comfortably, stays in adjustment longer and is easier to service. The Pinless construction system eliminates the problems of traditional flute construction – protruding needles that snag clothing and give easy entry to perspiration and body acids causing corrosion and binding keys. Along with these innovations, Pearl flutes have additional bridge mechanisms which add strength to the entire mechanism, along with underslung socket-head screws which prevent the entry of perspiration into the mechanism.

Japanese Quality Control has insured that an investment in these instruments will provide a lifetime of musical satisfaction ensuring that the trademark Pearl sound and intonation standards are maintained.

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