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What is Music Fest?

Music Fest is where excellence in performance and education can be celebrated each year across various venues in Brisbane, Queensland.

We offer a platform for Primary and Secondary students to showcase their talents in a supportive, concert environment, where all ensembles and choirs are professionally adjudicated by Queensland and interstate adjudicators, via a relaxed grading system.

Music Fest enables school students to perform structured, appropriately set, music scores where all groups are rated against other ensembles at their level through expressed performance indicators. Peer learning across school environments keeps the fun element to honing student’s skills and we work to ensure all students can measure their progress each year through small achievement incentives throughout the Festival.

More than anything, Music Fest is about fine music-making in a fun, educational, yet joyful performance environment!

Email musicfest@brassmusic.com.au for enquiries.

Music Fest 2021 Dates

Secondary Ensembles: 20th August – 2nd September
Primary / Middle School Ensembles: 11th October – 31st October

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