Australia's Pro Brass and Woodwind Shop est. 1989
Australia's Pro Brass and Woodwind Shop est. 1989

Music Fest 2024 Set Pieces

See the full list of set pieces for Music Fest 2024 below.

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Surfonic WindsAdrian HallamSecondary A Grade
Breath of the MountainsCait NishimuraSecondary A Grade
Lake CraigieRalph HultgrenSecondary A Grade
Sea SongsRalph Vaughan WilliamsSecondary A Grade
WonderBrian HoggSecondary B Grade
Bloom: The Gift of SpringSatoshi YagisawaSecondary B Grade
The Country Club StompJaRod HallSecondary B Grade
Marche DiaboliqueBrian BalmagesSecondary B Grade
It Lurks In The ShadowsEmma OlsenSecondary C Grade
Red CometMichael OareSecondary C Grade
Squirrel ChaseCarol Britten ChambersSecondary C Grade
Call Of The Ancient ClansAmy WebbSecondary C Grade
It Lurks In The ShadowsEmma OlsenMiddle School
Red CometMichael OareMiddle School
Squirrel ChaseCarol Britten ChambersMiddle School
Action SceneBrian BalmagesMiddle School
It Lurks In The ShadowsEmma OlsenPrimary A Grade
Red CometMichael OarePrimary A Grade
Squirrel ChaseCarol Britten ChambersPrimary A Grade
Action SceneBrian BalmagesPrimary A Grade
FanfareBrian MonroePrimary B Grade
On A MissionAdam ArnoldPrimary B Grade
Zombies At The DoorClaire PetherickPrimary B Grade
After the RainMatt NeufeldPrimary B Grade
Base-SixLaura EstesPrimary C Grade
TiradeRobert SheldonPrimary C Grade
Five SombrerosEd KennedyPrimary C Grade
Ritual and DanceRyan MeeboerPrimary C Grade
How My Heart SingsEarl ZindarsSecondary A Grade
CuteNeal HeftiSecondary A Grade
On the Up and UpPaul BakerSecondary A Grade
ChevreMichele FernandezSecondary B Grade
Sun ShowerKris BergSecondary B Grade
Neon GreenPaul BakerSecondary B Grade
IsotopicalDaryl McKenzieSecondary C Grade
Put It In the EskyRoger SchmidliSecondary C Grade
Two ScoopsDaryl McKenzieSecondary C Grade
Symphony No.60 (1st Movement)Franz Josef Haydn
arr. Stephen Chin
Secondary A Grade
FreedomNeridah OostenbroekSecondary A Grade
Reverie (Traumerai)Robert Schumann
arr. Loreta Fin
Secondary A Grade
AriannaKeith SharpSecondary A Grade
The Cliffs of MoherStephen ChinSecondary B Grade
LotusYukiko NishimuraSecondary B Grade
The Duelling JoustersNeridah OostenbroekSecondary B Grade
Maple, Spruce and EbonyKeith SharpSecondary B Grade
The RidersHoward DillonSecondary C Grade / Middle School
Sunset & Dawn (Either Movement):
1. Sunset on the Boulevard
2. A New Day Dawns
Alison HarbottleSecondary C Grade / Middle School
Overture to the Magic FluteWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
arr. Todd Parish
Secondary C Grade / Middle School
Bustopher Jones Goes to TownEugenie TeychenneSecondary C Grade / Middle School
Legend of the Dragon ChasersChris ThomasSecondary C Grade / Middle School
The RidersHoward DillonPrimary A Grade
Sunset & Dawn (Either Movement):
1. Sunset on the Boulevard
2. A New Day Dawns
Alison HarbottlePrimary A Grade
The Fayre GuinevereEugenie TeychennePrimary A Grade
Two Treasures from the Ming Dynasty (Either Movement)
1. Lotus
2. Imperial Horses
Stephen ChinPrimary B Grade
Two Minute NoodlesLoreta FinPrimary B Grade
Two Short Pieces (Either One):
Yee Haw!
Bird Songs
Neridah OostenbroekPrimary B Grade
No Set Piece Required Primary C Grade