See the full list of set pieces for Music Fest 2020 below. Click on the title for full details and to place an order.

Concert Band


Title Composer Grade
And Tears No Bitterness Ralph Hultgren Secondary A Grade
Alla Marcia from Karelia Suite Robert Ambrose Secondary A Grade
Bear Edward Fairlie Secondary A Grade
The Journey Home Andrew Boysen Jnr Secondary A Grade
3, 2, 1… Brian Balmages Secondary B Grade
Fanfare: Generation Next Zachary Cairns Secondary B Grade
The Hiding Place Dallas Burke Secondary B Grade
Local Heroes Brian Hogg Secondary B Grade
Banish the Moon Tania Owens Secondary C Grade
The Elven Eleven Chris Campbell Secondary C Grade
Fight or Flight Ryan Nowlin Secondary C Grade
Off-Kilter Timothy Loest Secondary C Grade
March of the Diggers Adam Arnold Middle School
Lakeside Bruce Tippette Middle School
Pandemonium Michael Story Middle School
Pathways Uncharted Michael Kamuf Middle School
Down to the River Michael Sweeney Primary A Grade
The Last Frontier Steven Capaldo Primary A Grade
March of the Diggers Adam Arnold Primary A Grade
Thunderbolt Fanfare Brian Balmages Primary A Grade
City at Dusk Ryan Nowlin Primary B Grade
Finding Hope Nathan Daughtery Primary B Grade
Pumped Bruce Broughton Primary B Grade
Unleash the Dragon Paul De Cinque Primary B Grade
Bow Fiddle Rock March Vaughan Fleischfresser Primary C Grade
Danza Latina Bruce Pearson Primary C Grade
Flash Point Patrick Roszell Primary C Grade
Rainmaker Peter Sciaino Primary C Grade

Jazz Ensemble


Title Composer Grade
Solar arr Wassoon Secondary A Grade
Sneaky Pete Ric Flauding Secondary A Grade
Six of One Paul Baker Secondary A Grade
Ko-Ko Duke Ellington Secondary A Grade
Caravan arr Berger Secondary B Grade
Distant Horizon Melanie Shore Secondary B Grade
Street Funk Ed Kiefer Secondary B Grade
Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum arr Taylor Secondary B Grade
Front Row Seats Paul Baker Secondary C Grade
Recorda Me Joe Henderson Secondary C Grade
Rock Island Express Matt Morey Secondary C Grade
Lil’ Hefty Zachary Smith Secondary C Grade

String Orchestra


Title Composer Grade
Journey of the Tall Ships Stephen Chin Secondary A Grade
Zoom Richard Meyer Secondary A Grade
Morning Dew Yukiko Nishimura Secondary A Grade
Finale from Symphony No. 12 arr Gruselle Secondary A Grade
The Highwayman Neridah Oostenbroek Secondary B Grade
Ahgharad’s Feast Keith Sharp Secondary B Grade
Charming Czardas Loreta Fin Secondary B Grade
And All Creatures Sang Stephen Chin Secondary B Grade
Angel Echoes Larry Clark Secondary C Grade
A Million Dreams Arr Kazik Secondary C Grade
Great Dividing Range Timo Jarvela Secondary C Grade
Subterranean Kathryn Greisinger Secondary C Grade
Old MacDonald Alison Harbottle Primary A Grade
Bushranger’s Ballad Loreta Fin Primary A Grade
Great Dividing Range Timo Jarvela Primary A Grade
Subterranean Kathryn Greisinger Primary A Grade
Two Australian Sea Pictures Stephen Chin Primary B Grade
The Lone Cowboy Neridah Oostenbroek Primary B Grade
Summertime Swing Loreta Fin Primary B Grade
Spring Fever Kathryn Greisinger Primary B Grade

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