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Australia's Pro Brass and Woodwind Shop est. 1989


Yamaha 480 Baritone Saxophone


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The YBS-480 includes a free detachable floor peg.
The YBS-480, an updated design of the extremely popular YBS-52, is a testament to the commitment Yamaha has in improving design and production techniques and processes to carry this vital model for another 35 years.
The YBS-480 features a redesigned bore and neck modeled after the 62 Professional model Yamaha saxophones, which improve the intonation of the horn. Yamaha also added the ability to use a detachable peg so that the larger baritone saxophone is accessible to players of all sizes.
Brian Petterson, senior manager, Winds & Strings, Yamaha Corporation of America:
“The YBS-480 provides the sound musicians have come to love, and in a more ergonomically-accessible instrument, easier for the student to hold and manipulate. If we can help make their first musical experience positive, more students will continue with their musical studies.”


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