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Rejoice Be Glad


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Ralph Hultgren, Young Band Series

Rejoice! Be Glad! was commissioned by St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe, Queensland, for the Symphonic Band. Their conductor, Kane McNally, asked for a fervent Jewish style dance, saying the young men in the ensemble enjoyed playing such music. The Hebrew word, Samach, means to rejoice and to make glad, sometimes even to the point of boisterous exultation. The fervour implied in the word is to be found in the piece and also in the word of the psalmist, where he says, “Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart!” (Ps. 32:11) As you listen, rejoice and maybe even singalong and dance in the style of the ancient Hebrews as the young musicians did at the World Premiere at St Patrick’s College on October 13th, 2020. Yes – Rejoice! Be Glad!

Grade: 3
Duration: 3’20”


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