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Australia's Pro Brass and Woodwind Shop est. 1989


Portastand Protege Music Stand

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It’s fair to say that music stands should not be made of tin foil. At Portastand, we grew up with enough flimsy wire stands to eventually say, “Never again” (along with other colorful comments we’d rather not list here). We imagine a world where music stands are not alarmingly sharp science experiments, where portable equipment breaks down without breaking, where your sheet music stand will actually… you know… hold your sheet music.

With the same solid-metal tripod as our bigger music stands, paired with a foldable desk that’s brand-new to our lineup, the Protégé 2.0 is our lightest and most portable music stand yet. Where others bend, break, and fall apart, it folds. Featuring our new Superior Pro Clutch tripod design and rugged carry bag, the Protégé 2.0 clocks in at just over 4 pounds of powder-coated metal, and can even accommodate accessories enabling it to hold 4-5 sheets of music. Collapsing down to just 22.5 inches, it’s backpack-friendly and ready to roll. We learned a lot from wire stands over the years—but at some point, the chess student becomes the chess champion, and the Portastand Protégé 2.0 is the new lightweight champion for all the anti–wire stand musicians among us. Which should really be all of us.

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