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Fiddlers Parade and Canyon Trail


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Music Fest 2021 Primary B Grade String Orchestra (Fiddler’s Parade only)

Fiddlers’ Parade is based on an appealing tune in D major suited to young students. A modulation to G major sets up a contrasting middle section featuring the cellos before a gradual return to the ‘A’ section in the home key. Young ensembles can ‘parade’ their skills in a piece that will bring a smile to the face and get the toes tapping!

Canyon Trail introduces young players to a modal sound (D Dorian). A lone rider on a horse traversing a narrow canyon trail…. The pace is steady, the rider calm but alert. What danger lies waiting, will they emerge safely out the other side? A noble tune, canyon calls, menacing chords and a distinct Western-feel make this an enjoyable piece for players and audience alike.


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