Australia's Pro Brass and Woodwind Shop est. 1989
Australia's Pro Brass and Woodwind Shop est. 1989


Adams Soloist Rosewood Xylophone – 4 Octave

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Quint tuned instrument has a quint tuned in between the fundamental and the double octave, this results in a clear the and brilliant sound. Quint tuned instruments produces a short, penetrating attack that cuts though the largest orchestra and ensemble. Light rosewood is a hard, good sounding wood for a very affordable price. Honduras rosewood has long been considered the perfect for the production of mallet instruments. A rich balanced sound is the result when Adams’ skilled craftsmen produce bars from the selected Honduras rosewood. All xylophones are with Adams’ patented height adjustable voyager frame. Rails and resonators are fold in half for easy transportation.


Range: 4 oct. C4-C8 quint
Bars: Rosewood 43-381/2 mm
Pitch A: 442 Hz.
Frame: Voyager
Length: 156 cm
Low end: 75 cm
High end: 35 cm
Height adjustment: 80-100 cm

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