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Yamaha Custom 8310Z Trumpet

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Yamaha Custom 8310Z Trumpet

Temporarily out of stock (available for order).


Temporarily out of stock (available for order).


The original “Z” was born of Yamaha’s long and close partnership with legendary trumpeter Bobby Shew. Then in 2018 Yamaha and Shew collaborated to create a second-generation YTR-8310Z that further refines the brilliant tone and well-balanced playing resistance that contemporary styles demand. The Shew ideal is one versatile, efficient instrument that can wail out powerful leads and also play soft, mellow ballads. The Z satisfies all of his playing requirements. The tapering thickness of the handmade bell gives players a very open and comfortable response as well as better feedback into their sound. The flat-dome bell rim helps players create their own personal tonal colors.

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