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Yamaha 8320R Timpani – 20″

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Models Size Range W x L x H (cm) Weight (kg)
TP-8320R 20″ (51cm) e-c 65 x 79 x 85 32
TP-8323R 23″ (58cm) c-a♭ 73 x 83 x 85 35
TP-8324R 24″ (61cm) b-g 76 x 91 x 85 37
TP-8326R 26″ (66cm) A-f 80 x 94 x 85 40
TP-8327R 27″ (69cm) A♭-e 83 x 95 x 85 42
TP-8329R 29″ (74cm) F-d♭ 88 x 98 x 85 45
TP-8332R 32″ (81cm) D-B♭ 95 x 101 x 85 49

The top-of-the-line timpani series features cambered hammered copper bowls and the pedal balance spring system. The cambered bowls deliver ample volume as well as optimum resonance and decay. The lineup includes 24-inch and 27-inch models for expanded musical potential.

Bowl Design

The hammered bowls in this series feature a squarer “cambered” profile than conventional bowl designs. The most obvious benefits are ample volume, ideal timpani decay, and significantly improved mallet response. The most desirable qualities of copper are emphasized, with carefully thought out and proven refinements to bowl size, bearing edge shape (the edge that contacts the timpani head), the diameter of the aperture in the bottom of the bowl, and more. The overall result is rich, deep tone with superior playability.

Left: Cambered bowl, Right: Parabolic bowl

Steel Caster Nuts

The nuts that hold the main casters in place are made of steel, adding to the weight and stability of the frame so that sound is effectively transferred to the floor and to every corner of the hall.

24-inch and 27-inch Sizes

In addition to the 23-inch and 26-inch sizes, the lineup has been expanded with 24-inch and 27-inch sizes, providing a broader range of choices to match the music being played as well as the player’s preferences. More choice means greater potential for musical expression.

Machine Hammering

Specially designed hammering machines faithfully simulate the hand hammering process while eliminating the unavoidable inconsistencies of handwork. The goal was not only to improve efficiency, but more importantly to recreate the technique of master craftsmen. The result is bowls that exude hand-made warmth.

Pedal Adjustment Clutch (PAC) System

The PAC system allows pedal resistance to be adjusted while maintaining perfect pedal balance. A large knob makes adjustment easy too.

Pedal Balance Spring System

Pedal spring and head tension are balanced so the set pitch is maintained even if the player removes his or her foot from the pedal. Pitch changes across the entire range are smooth and easy. A wide pitch range of approximately a minor sixth per inch has been achieved.


The timpani frame does more than just support the bowl. It plays a significant role in sound quality as well. In addition to offering outstanding strength and operability, the frames are designed to a weight that contributes to optimum acoustic response.

Smooth Mobility

Large main casters are supplemented by a third caster below the pedal, allowing the instruments to glide smoothly and easily.

Left: Pedal caster, Right: Main caster

Height Adjustment

The height of all casters can be adjusted over a 25mm range, allowing precise adjustments to the instrument height as well as head angle. The instruments can be ideally positioned for standing or seated playing, on any stage. Adjustment is carried out using the supplied tuning key or an appropriate allen wrench, and can be easily accomplished by one person.

*The picture shows TP-7300R Series.

Caster Lock

The main casters include a one-touch lock mechanism that contributes to fast, sure setup. In addition to the main caster lock mechanism an auxiliary brake has been added to the pedal caster. The player can engage the auxiliary brake to securely lock the caster and prevent movement of the instrument.

Left: Main caster lock, Right: Pedal caster auxiliary brake

Floating Mount

The bowl is seated in a “Floating Mount” suspension ring and does not contact any other part of the instrument. This prevents distortion of the bowl and allows unrestricted head oscillation for superior tone, resonance, and pitch clarity. This frame design brings out the full musical potential of the bowl.

*The picture shows TP-4300R Series.

Large Pedal

Large pedals have been adopted for easier operation.

Tuning Indicator

The indicator can also be easily relocated to the left or right side of the instrument to facilitate German or American setups.

Key/Wrench Holder

A tuning key/wrench holder that attaches to the side opposite the tuning gauge is included.

Yamaha Remo Renaissance Heads

Yamaha Remo Renaissance Heads with aluminum insert rings offer outstanding expression with stable pitch.

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