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The Great Dividing Range


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Timo Jarvela

This piece was commissioned for the 20th anniversary of Stringout Festival in Toowoomba, 2019. A regional city in south-east Queensland, Toowoomba is situated on the Great Dividing Range, the mountain range that stretches down the eastern side of Australia.

As a piece, Great Dividing Range was inspired by the grandeur and beauty that mark the region. These qualities are evoked by the strong opening motif and the contrasting lyrical theme. Rising crescendos reinforce the ‘mountain theme’ of the piece. A short passage of solos for section leaders precedes a powerful tutti ending.

A vocal part has been included as an option for performance with choir/vocalist. The lyrics, which delightfully capture the essence of the Great Dividing Range, have been penned by local Toowoomba music teacher, Belinda Eldridge.

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