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Sound Innovations for Ensemble Development: Book 1



Prepare your beginning band students to be ready for any scenario in their repertoire, breaking down each ensemble concept. Contains 167 exercises including more than 100 chorales, providing plenty of source material for teaching students to listen, evaluate, and adjust. Encourage your students to learn balance and to create a rich, full sound with exercises starting at the grade ½, 1, and 1½ levels grouped by key.

Percussion is included in every exercise and chorale, keeping your back row engaged.

Address the need for differentiation of students at various beginning band levels:

  • Percussion parts often indicate rolls that are optional for the less advanced players.
  • Optional advanced snare drum parts challenge the more experienced students.
  • When extreme instrument ranges occur or when clarinet parts go over the break, alternate pitches are provided.

Exercises Include:

  • Long tones
  • Passing the tonic
  • Pitch matching
  • Scale builders
  • Interval builders
  • Expanding intervals
  • Chord builders
  • Moving chord tones
  • Diatonic harmony
  • Rhythmic subdivision
  • 5-Note scales
  • Scale canons (5-, 6-, or 8-note scales)
  • Scale chorales (5-, 6-, and 8-note scales)
  • Choral

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Grade: 0.5 – 1.5

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