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Australia's Pro Brass and Woodwind Shop est. 1989


Portastand Compact Microphone Stand


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A functional accompaniment to the Portastand Music Stand Range, the Compact Microphone Stand affords performing instrumentalists and vocalists with unrivaled portability. The Compact Mic Stand enjoys many of the same features as the Troubadour, Commoner and Minstrel, in a compact, quick and easy to assemble design. The collapsible, removable boom features a standard 5/8″-27 mic-clip thread to fit almost any microphone or mounted accessory. Extendable to over 6′

The Compact Mic Stand features:

  • Unique breakdown and portable design
  • 4-stage extension and extendable boom to over 180cm high
  • Rugged construction
  • Standard 5/8″-27 mic-clip thread adapter

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