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Miraphone EW20 Bugle

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Miraphone EW20 Bugle

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The original Molter bugle was designed by Jac Smits and Mr Molter nearly 30 years ago. The last few bugles in this batch were made before Mr Molter retired at age 84 from his workshop in Germany. They are regarded as probably the best bugles in the world.

KJ Music has arranged a new Molter bugle to be made by Miraphone to Mr Molter’s exact specifications and instructions. Testing by professional musicians has shown this instrument to be of the highest quality and standard on the market.



  • Professional design and build based on the original Molter Bugle
  • Excellent intonation
  • Comes  in deluxe case
  • Large Bell, 130mm diameter
  • Tuning slide on lead pipe
  • Made in Germany by Miraphone
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