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Local Heroes

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Local Heroes

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Music Fest 2021 Secondary B Grade Concert Band

Written for the tenth anniversary of the formation of the ensemble and the composer’s involvement with the group, Local Heroes is dedicated to the members of the New Horizons Band, an adult beginners group launched by the Dandenong Ranges Music Council in 2008. Comprising of retired community members, some who had never played an instrument before their own involvement with the group, continue to amaze with their energy and commitment to each other and the collective act of playing music. The composer reflects, “I must admit, that while we don’t always reach the dizzying heights of great music making we always experience the joy of making music. I’m often thrilled to see and hear how these people come together as an ensemble to experience the joy of music and real community. In many ways they are heroes”. This piece is simply a celebration of the joy of music making.

Grade: 3

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