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Ralph Hultgren

Program notes:

How often do you sit and listen to your child playing in a concert but not to other people’s children? Do you sit and talk as the young musicians strive, after weeks of intense rehearsal and individual practice, to give of their best?

Have you thought about what it means to give of yourself so fully in playing an instrument or do you see it all just as a diversion? Is your interest only in seeing your child, whatever it sounds like? Or, are you there to celebrate with them and their musical peers the wonder of making music together and the joy that can be discovered in being immersed in that art of?

If your joy is shared with them, then please sit back and listen. If you are there only to notice your child and not join in the celebration we urge you to consider what a pleasure it might be to sit back, be quiet and LISTEN! (This work is dedicated to the hard-working musicians who conduct and play in high level school and community ensembles).

Grade: 5

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