National Band Championships 2019: Play Your Best with Yamaha

BMS is offering Yamaha’s special promotional prices on their Neo, Xeno and Custom series brass band instruments to make sure you’re all ready for the contest in April! Special prices are offered on the following instruments, click on the instrument you are interested in to see the special price:

Yamaha Neo 8620S Soprano Cornet
Yamaha Neo 8335 Cornet
Yamaha Neo 8335G Cornet
Yamaha Neo 8335S Cornet
Yamaha Neo 8335GS Cornet
Yamaha Custom 8310ZS Flugelhorn
Yamaha Custom 8315G Flugelhorn
Yamaha Neo 803S Tenor Horn
Yamaha Neo 831S Baritone Horn
Yamaha Neo 642ST Euphonium
Yamaha Xeno 830 Bass Trombone
Yamaha Neo 632S Eb Tuba
Yamaha Neo 632S Bb Tuba